Pre-marriage report

Objective of the Study

The present study is undertaken with the following principal objectives –

  • To aware unmarried boys and girls about the economic, social, cultural and physical problem after marriage.
  • How to make easy understanding in between the husband and wife after marriage.
  • How to live a happy life after marriage.
  • To remove the miss understanding about the marriage from the mind of the unmarried boys and girls.
  • To find out the basic problem of the marriage in unmarried boys and girls.
  • To insure them to know how can they handle the life after marriage.
  • To known them about the great relation of the marriage.
  • To suggest the measure control and minimize and if Possible eliminate the family problem after marriage.
  • To aware about the family planning.


Research Method:-

The present study has been conducted in the campus of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. A random sampling of 50 students are drawn from the university campus of different departments .The samples drawn from rural and urban areas represented the families from upper class, middle class and lower class. The respondents are of different socio economical status.

Tools & Techniques Of Data Collection:-

For collecting primary and secondary data from different sources the Following tools and techniques were used –
1. Interview Schedule for unmarried boys and girls respondents.
2. Observation by data collection of workshop at WSC.
3. Collection of information from social activists and officials of the social welfare and Government departments.

Usefulness of the Counseling Sessions:-

When asked whether the counseling sessions were helpful, (90%) said they were helpful while 10% said they were not. Most helpful topics were sexuality (53%), income/finances (18%), relationship with in-laws (4%) and roles and responsibilities (12%), and communication (12%).
On suggestion for improving premarital counseling, (60%) of the respondents suggested an increase in number of sessions, 34% indicated use of professional counselors, 21% suggested that counseling should go on after marriage while 19% suggested inclusion of more topics during premarital counseling. The feeling of the boys and girls after marriage and before marriage were cleared by the workshop, just like how to select the life partner, to which thing should give preference while become married and adjustment done by the life partner after the marriage. While asking such question to boys and girls they give the various answer but the proper things were cleared by the counseling. While doing marriage give advertisement such thing were also discuss in the counseling. While selecting the life partner many of the boys and girls have some feeling but in fact all of them will not get everything what they want from their life partner, so to whom with they married they have to adjust themselves and make their life full of joy or happiness such thing were also be done in the counseling. As we know all of us were make so many hopes while getting married about the life partner but reality will not permit them to achieve all the hopes from their life partner so not to become frosted after the marriage the counseling were give the proper guideline to them to make adjustment according to their condition after the marriage. Counseling also give proper guidance about the engagement. As the time in between engagement and the marriage of the human is full of grace because in this time spam there is the sharing of the feeling of each other, also both of them were become known about thinking, also what both of them like or dislike such thing also were discuss in that time. Everyone want to become known about her/his life partner this also discussed in the counseling. In the Indian culture and mainly in the “HINDU” religion there is the concept “KUNDALI” was also discussed in the counseling .Most of the people were think that “KUNDALI” is created by the name and the date of birth time but the “KUNDALI” is responsible for the kind of achieving the good life partner and good married life. So that family whom were give importance to the “KUNDALI” in the marriage the counseling give the guidance to such people not give the importance to such thing rather than give importance to their children’s selection. Counseling also deal with the Economical factor after the marriage because many of the married couple have to face the serious problem of the Economic wealth in their married life so counseling done the deep focus on such thing. We find that with the help of the counseling there is so many changes were occur in the thinking of the boys and girls , many of them were become agree for marriage , some of them whom were confuse about the married life were make their decision perfect and the result is positive. Also those feel that marriage the selection of the person after the counseling they feel that it is not so rather than marriage is the getting together of the two families, also marriage the part of adjustment and doing adjustment make the life happy this thinking is followed by them after the counseling. The counseling also gives the inspiration to boys and girls how to face the problem after the marriage, also many of them were known about their bad habits. All them were understand that due to their bad habits they to face so many problem in their future life so they decide to avoid that habits after the counseling. Also they understand reality about the marriage in the Social Society with the help of the counseling. Also they were become aware of the sexual education with the help of the counseling. In short the counseling help the boys and girls to become known about that marriage system, the problem occur in the married life, also hoe to overcome the problem related to the Social ,Economic condition, Physical, Mental , Emotional all were as Sexual were discuss in the counseling. Also the counselling gives the inspiration power to the boys and girls to face the problem that comes in
their life.


Based on the findings of this study, the following recommendations are made:

1. Government , Semi-Govt, NGO and University should open the premarriage counselling center at their level

2. There should be the provision of including parents with boys and girls in the pre-marriage counselling workshop.

3. Brochure should be printed out to give the information to the boys and girls about the pre-marriage counselling.

4. Also give education about the pre-marriage through the documentary film or TV.

5. Premarital counselling sessions should begin at least three months before the wedding day and the sessions should be a minimum of five with each session lasting two hours.

6. The content of premarital counselling should be expanded to include a wide range of topics such as communication, conflict resolution, commitment, financial management, expectations, partners’ family of origin, family Background, anger and frustrations management, personality
differences, honeymoon realities, and marriage vows.

7. Counselling should be done to the couple together so that they can be free to open up which may not be so during group counselling. In this way, topics can be personalized.

8. Couples should be given assignment in between sessions in order to be able to cover much more during the premarital counselling period.