Women's Studies Centre, SGB Amravati University


Establishment of Women's Studies Center:-

Women’s Studies Center has been establishment in SantGadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, by University Grants Commission under XI plan as a department in 2010. Under XII plan, as interdisciplinary Post Graduate course; named Gender and Women’s Studies has been started under social sciences stream from the academic year 2-13-2014.

The Concept of Women's Studies Center:-

Women’s Studies is newly developed study stream after 1960s. First developed in Western countries and expanded in India during 1980s. In our Society, Women are treated secondary; injustice takes place against them in various fields of day to day life. There is a need to understand reasons, impacts and curative action plans to curb this evil of Women’s discrimination. By understanding this necessity; the field of Women’s Studies Developed in India. This study stream bases on the concept of Gender has come forward through Women’s movements.